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Con Colbert: Uncoerced Martyrise or Troublesome Insurgent?

Updated on May 20, 2018

Paul Barrett


Paul Barrett is a stream senior pupil at the University of Limerick, Ireland, majoring in English and Story.

Liaison Writer

The youngest somebody executed as role of the 1916 Uprising, Con Colbert cuts a unequalled build in the story of the Irish land. | Origin

Advent from rural W Limerick, Colbert had far-reaching effects in Ireland’s biggest urban inwardness. The principal debate that bequeath cover this clause is that Con Colbert was executed in the 1916 insurrection, because of his gamey visibility preferably than Colbert purposely fetching the place of his commandant Seamus Spud. A historiographical department concerning present-day ideas circumferent this motion testament besides be delved into. The minutes of the 1916 court-martial are important hither in delving into the nous of the British regime to try to see their thinking butt the murder. Lots of the inquiry through on this issue antecedently, is well undifferentiated in their belief of Colbert’s murder. Many of the arguments submit are related Colbert’s Fenian ground, his halt patriot impression, and part the estimate of his willingness to die for the Irish effort. Withal, not often inquiry has been through on the activities by Colbert that would deliver made him fountainhead known to the British government at the clip. Concurrently, Seamus Spud has mostly been unattended in the modern-day lit scripted astir Colbert’s executing.

Foremost, often has been deliberated regarding Con Colbert, too as the executions in 1916. In Radical Lawyers , Foxton contends that the court-martial minutes for the men executed surely cannot be viewed as a funfair serve, as in Eoin MacNeil’s test, where he was denied the use of Roger Casement as a watcher. The lit has discussed the fact that Colbert on with ten others, were not formally acknowledged until the commencement of this hundred. This was covered in an clause in the Sunday Multiplication in 2015, as the source indicates that this shows the despite the British regime had for these men. Per Surrogate, in his record Graphic Faces , Colbert himself was elevated with a firm Fenian custom from his parents, and was passionate astir promoting Irish traditions, tied instruction gratis at St Enda’s. Surrogate besides describes Colbert as beingness so profoundly charmed with the patriot case, that he had no involvement in women. Likewise, in 16 Lives: Con Colbert , O’Callaghan gives the tale that Colbert was resigned to the thought of end earlier the revolt. Describing Colbert as a ‘Romantic Patriot’, both O’Callaghan and Nurture render Colbert in really convinced patriot damage. The authors do disagree though as Further but mentions that Colbert was executed contempt his inferiority, piece O’Callaghan really acknowledges Colbert’s big visibility at the metre.

Concurrently, Sean Murphy’s clause ‘1916 (masking level) discusses Colbert’s eminent visibility among na Fianna Eireann and the Volunteers at the metre. The lit regarding the issue uses lots of the like sources especially from the Interior Archives, likewise as batch of attestant statements from the Dresser of Military Account, many of which are the like. Nonetheless, often of the lit has failed to right recognize the office or determine of his commandant Seamus Tater. In fact, thither appears to be lonesome one petty reference deliberating Murphy’s function in the insurrection at all. This was O’Callaghan, mentioning that Potato was not picked out aft the rise due to his low visibility among the British government. Fifty-fifty hither, Spud is captive to two lines of textbook, with no in-depth psychoanalysis of his berth or mold. The consensus among historians capable his gunpoint has not decent acknowledged the office of Colbert’s originally animation and his visibility during the Rebellion as role of his murder, or the office of Potato, outstanding to the motive for encourage psychoanalysis into this issuing.

Regarding roughly of the records from the meter of the Ascension, the views by many of his chap combatants, are mostly unvarying in their impression of why Con Colbert was executed. Christopher Byrne, a mem of the Irish Volunteers, and below the plurality captained by Colbert, believes it was a suit of Colbert organism really salient inside club at the sentence. Byrne asserts that thither was no alteration in control at any sentence during the Ascent ‘tween Spud and Colbert and that no undifferentiated variety occurred, outstanding to the enceinte dispute in height and sizing of both men. Tater was fully unvarying upon the arriver of the British regime but was plainly not picked out by them. Per Byrne, Colbert had antecedently conducted Offer marches in the unfold which had embossed his visibility with the British government, eve march during WWI recruitments to discourage citizenry from signing up. This was in line with Potato, who had a tranquillity visibility, and was not identical striking in the days ahead the rebellion.

Likewise, Aine Ceannt, the wife of Eamonn Ceannt, claims that the estimate that Spud intentionally allowed Colbert to payoff his office is ‘an out-and-out falsehood’. Likewise as this, both Annie O’Brien and Lily Curran, members of Cumann na mBan, and in the party of Colbert and Tater during the Rise, swear that Potato was distillery in burster abaft the yielding, handsome orders and tied beseeching with about to farewell so that they not be prosecuted by the British regime. They too betoken that Colbert’s response to the capitulation was resigned, and when asked what would befall, he replied any the British government wished to do to him. This would intend that Colbert was much cognizant of his designate as presently as fall was tending, not allowing Colbert lots metre to confer with Spud most pickings his position, and not viewing Colbert as a really volition sufferer. Per Ceannt, Seamus Murphy’s wife did not level investigate roughly her conserve, just request what destiny hoped-for Eamonn Ceannt and Colbert, indicating that thither was picayune care that Spud would be executed and practically more feeling that Colbert would. It is open from these accounts that the citizenry introduce at the sentence did not recollect it to be a lawsuit of Potato allowing Colbert to issue the pick as commandant, but preferably fortune on Murphy’s english and the gamey visibility of Con Colbert resulting in his murder. Sure, friendships with striking figures such as Eamonn Ceannt would pee the idea of Colbert existence a objective already for the British Government a belike opening.

Historians deliver debated on Colbert’s executing for many geezerhood – O’Callaghan’s workplace provides the outdo brainwave of all | Origin

Look the British records of Con Colbert’s court-martial in 1916, they unwrap key insights into the reasoning of the British government. The government deemed Colbert’s showcase not to be of highest grandness compared to others, but stillness requiring a ‘…Field Ecumenical Lawcourt Martial’, as this was not a nestling discourtesy. The total disk is rattling abbreviated, and the grounds precondition inside is minimum, amounting to less than a varlet of transcription. This would designate the British regime were specially cutting on quick execution Colbert, signifying that Colbert was good known to the British government ahead the Ascent. The disc too states that Colbert was appreciated spell exhausting a captain’s consistent, pregnant that thither was surely no mix-up by the British government as to Colbert’s membership. Colbert’s headlong court-martial minutes would designate that the British regime were stabbing on speedily removing Colbert as a scourge, and not practically interested with his place or the character of his commander.

Concurrently, the watcher command tending by his baby Elizabeth, discover approximately of Colbert’s mentation at the meter also as roughly of his activities that may deliver made him known to the British regime. Elizabeth states that patch a penis of na Fianna Eireann, Colbert had stolen a pairing knave from the British Boy Scouts. This would finally leading to Colbert having to attend courtroom. This indicates that Colbert was really world in his actions against British groups, and it’s probably he was striking to those monitoring Irish Patriot movements. Elizabeth too notes that Colbert regularly conversed in Irish, and was really spread regarding the hypothesis of an armed contravene in the futurity. Judgment from this informant command, it is lawful to haul the ending that Colbert held a rattling figure during the clock of the Insurrection, which sure made him a butt when the Ascension was terminated.

Significantly, the informant instruction made by Seamus Potato sheds lightness on his use in the performance, and why he was interned and Colbert was executed. Notably, the commemorate states that Murphy’s grade in the Uprising was O/C, support up the old statements made by Byrne that the British regime were full mindful of Murphy’s membership. The germ chiefly details Murphy’s foundation into the patriot motion. Withal, it is cluttered with Murphy’s manifest neutrality in many of the actions through by the Volunteers and the IRB, ‘I do not recognise at what stagecoach I became Plurality Aide-de-camp, but it followed my decorous Skipper of the Company’. Eve though he was a appendage of the privileged circles of the IRB, Spud does not seem to let lots tempt, or evening to guardianship approximately the meetings’ plans. The estimation that Tater allowed Colbert to takings his berth, or that this would eventide be potential, is sure not backed up by this reference, as it seems often more potential that outstanding to Murphy’s lax overture to the issuance, that he only was not on the radian of the British Regime as an personage that required to be executed.

Finally, the implementation of Con Colbert as office of the 1916 Uprising, would seem to be a termination of the bump of Con Colbert at the sentence. Surely, his coevals did not entertain the implementation as a especially over-the-top happening, contempt Colbert’s inferiority. Historians sustain mostly had a consensus on this theme, as they post an overemphasis on Colbert’s Fenian ideals, picture him as a anatomy uncoerced to die without remonstrance. Seamus Potato, who had been mostly unheeded in the plant through by historians, would not appear to be unwilling to takings his expected penalty in the mannequin of slaying, but it is crystallize from his own and over-the-counter people’s accounts that he had a really low visibility at the of the Revolt. Surely, Colbert’s court-martial immortalize signifies that thither was no ever-changing of roles ‘tween Colbert and Spud. It can be aforesaid from looking the manifest that Con Colbert was executing was not a volition calvary by Colbert, but that Colbert was resigned to his circumstances, lettered the problems he had antecedently caused the British regime.

Colbert’s commitment to the Irish drive is veritable | Root

© 2018 Paul Barrett

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